Malta in London: Kinnie, Pastizzi, Malta Day and Music

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The Malta in London post for our World in London series comes from Malta-born Ann Fenech whose blog documents her life in London.

Being such a small country, Malta cannot compete in terms of size of the Maltese community in London, or Maltese restaurants, or anything that goes down that line of thought. However, London has been a destination for Maltese people for quite some time now, so once I learnt where to look I could find some of the home comforts I would otherwise miss out on.

My biggest disappointment when I moved to London two years ago was that I could not get my favourite Maltese soft drink in the UK. For a good chunk of these years, people coming over to visit me lugged packs of it over here for me. However, things changed this summer: Kinnie arrived in London!

Kinnie is “a lightly carbonated [softdrink] with an infusion of unique aromatic flavours and energetic twists of bitter and sweet oranges”. You can definitely tell it’s a favourite of the Maltese as when you go to buy it in the shops in the West End (where it is stocked), you’re immediately asked about your link to Malta!

Maltese products in London are not just Kinnie though! The one big event where everything Maltese is brought together under one roof is Malta Day organised each September by the Maltese Culture Movement. There, besides ready-cooked snacks such as timpana (baked pasta) and qassatat (pastry filled with a ricotta filling), you can also buy packs of pastizzi (Maltese cheesecakes and peacakes), ravjul (pasta parcels), or whatever you want to stock up on for the rest of the year.

Food-related things are not the only Maltese product you can find here. London is also a destination for Maltese musicians. One of the most popular Maltese artists in London right now is singer/songwriter Carrie Haber, who won the title of best songwriter and best female artist in the 2009 Malta Music Awards. And of course there is Tiffany Pisani, the Maltese girl who won Britian’s Next Top Model this year.

So you can not only get some Maltese food and drink, but also Maltese entertainment. How’s that for a full package?

Have you been to Malta Day or found any other examples of Malta in London? Tell us in the comments below


  1. Claire Doble says:

    This is great, I’ve been searching for pastizzi in London and now I know where to get them. Pity I have to wait until next September though!
    ; )

    • Marsha says:

      Now that Easter is over, and the figolli season is gone, I am making other Maltese foods, including pastizzi and qassatat! All your support would be truly appreciated :)

      • theresa anazodo says:

        i have been searching for all maltese food in london but with no luck.we only consume maltese food when we go to malta or someone comes over. please send me the address were your shop is. many thanks sahha

  2. Tommo says:

    Wow – who knew such as small country would have so much going on in London! Loving these World in London posts. .They really show just how much multiculturalism their is in the capital. Keep it up Visit London!

  3. Rina says:

    Yeah… i was really surprised to see Kinnie on the shelves of a little convenience store near Charing Cross station a couple of weeks ago actually…i grabbed it instantly. It’s great that the Maltese living in London are able to get this info via Visit London.
    Maybe next time I’ll get ‘Twistees’ as well in central London- my favourite bag of Maltese cheesy snack!

  4. Nadir says:

    Wicked. Shame though. Always wanted to open such a shop in the UK. Now soon moving to Germany and Japan.. perhaps I should open one in those countries lol.

  5. wow, pastizzi in London eventually! that will be my sunday treat:) love them with my cappuciono:) great news!

    • jimmy says:

      could any body tell me what the name of the shop or shops to buy pastizi in london,or anywhere in the south of the uk,,,,please

      • Marsha says:

        Now that Easter is over, and the figolli season is gone, I am making other Maltese foods, including pastizzi and qassatat! All your support would be truly appreciated

  6. Paul Micallef says:

    Can someone tell me where in London i can buy pastizzis and kinnie please.
    I took my british friends came to Malta with me last year and fell in love with the food.They really want to buy some of the above items.

  7. Amanda Triccas says:

    Kinnie (and diet Kinnie) can be bought for 50 p a tin at newsagent at 104 Fulham Palace Road – nearest tube – Hammersmith! Pastizzi – not so much luck I’m afraid.

  8. Hi could you kindly send me the address were I can find pastizzi in london pls.

  9. Chris says:

    Taste of Malta and Gozo now online. You can order Kinnie and other maltese products online direct from Malta. Online Shop

  10. Albut says:

    Anyone know where I can buy Blue Label beer in London. (farsons brewery). Regards

    • shanzill says:

      maltese food in italian deli shop, shad thames, under tower bridge southside se1.near mill street.sorry cannot give u full address!

  11. teddy cassar says:

    You can buy Blue Label, Hopleaf beers, Cisk lager, Kinnie, Pastizzi, Maltese Ravjul, Imqaret, Twistees, Galletti, Gbejniet and much more from the Maltese Culture Movement. Their website is and their email address or you can tel: 020 7272 9000 and order. All these goods are available all year round and they deliver too.

  12. Matthew says:

    Yum yum, try out the Maltese pastizzi. They are unhealthy but their supreme taste makes them worth every calorie.

  13. sam says:

    I have recantly been to malta for the 2nd time and tryed frankfurters with cheese in the middle of them and do not know the name and would love to see if i can get some over here, proberly not but if anyone knows if there is any maltese shops over her please let me know :) x

  14. Joe McIntyre says:

    My daughter is opening a Deli just outside Peterborough a little village called Crowland. MALTESE and ITALIAN Deli
    She hopes to have all the flavours of Malta.

    It should be opened fully by the end of September so if you are anywhere near get your Pastizzi Kinnie Hop Leaf etc..,there or get a contact number for Nonna Nina’s Deli
    Run by Pep and Louise who made a great success of the Italian restuarant Gilliano’s

  15. Emily says:

    I sell Pastizzi, Bread and other Maltese Produce in my Restaurant in Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 1HN, Surrey If interested in purchasing these products please contact Emily on 0208-549-3333

    • Alfred Grima says:

      Do you use Maltese ricotta for your pastizzi or local British please? I am asking this question as I believe that this makes a lot of difference in the taste.

  16. wedding gifts says:

    Pastizzi is best in Venecia on Canal Street just behind the Grand Stand. Would loooove them to have it now !

  17. Natalie Wood says:

    We are holding a paid market research session for Maltese Expats currently living in London

    If you choose to participate you will be required to take part in a research group with other expat Maltese to discuss culture, branding, hospitality and travel

    We will also ask you to write a short story about your relationship with Malta, from birth to today focusing on the ups and downs, your emotions and what’s changed

    In return for your time you will be paid £80 cash.

    If you are interested in taking part please email or call us
    0161 234 9940

  18. Doris says:

    Would you please let me know where I can buy Cheese Cakes, Maltese Bread and Kinnie.

    With thanks,

  19. Marsha says:

    Hello Maltesers! How nice to find this here! Yummy that picture with pastizzi really makes me crave them!!

    I’m selling figolli, can be posted anywhere, picked up, or even delivered, if in London. Have a look on facebook, and contact me if you’re interested :)


  20. mario bowie says:

    i hope parparellu succeeds big time so he could open up in other towns and cities across the uk especially here in birmingham as we’re sick of balti and chinese lol and do MALTA proud.

    • Teri says:

      Mario…. Im so pleased someone has requested this. Living in Halesowen and in need of bean pate, almond cakes, cheesecake, peppered cheese and Bajtra!!!! lol

    • Tony says:

      Hi coukd you tell me where I can buy malese foods and drink in uk please

  21. Tony says:

    Please could you tell me where I can buy maltese food and drinks in uk pllllleassssse

  22. amneris says:

    can you please tell me the new shop in london where i can buy pastizzie and maltese food

  23. Jenny says:

    We’ve heard about a new Maltese cafe, Parparellu at 93 Fulham Palace Road According to this article they sell pastizzi!

    If anyone has been, please do comment!

    • June & Charles Savory says:

      We recently visited Parparellu, 93, Fulham Palace Rd,the 211 bus from Victoria takes you there, get of at Charring Cross Hospital, its a few yards up the road, its well worth a visit they sell everything you can buy in Malta even bread,Kinnie,Cisk,Hop Leaf,& Rabbit seasoning.

  24. Dorothy Mallia says:

    Can you please tell me if there is a Maltese Restaurant or even suppliers of Maltese food (especially ricotta ravioli) and kinnie in Oxfordshire.

  25. Shelley AtLas says:

    I am looking for a wholesaler of pastizzi cheesecakes and pea cakes.

    If you can help please email me.

    • Maltese Culture Movement says:

      We can supply all Maltese Food and Drinks retail or wholesale

      tel:020 7272 9000

  26. lemalte says:

    hi shelley we are wholesalers for pastizzi in london uk

    tel 07580356767

  27. tee says:

    Glad there os a maltese cafe in fulham gonna check it out.

  28. Bev briffa says:

    Hi we’ve been getting pastizzi ,kinnie, ftira, cheese wine from these they’re based in Peterborough

    • George Fsadni says:

      If only I could lay my hands on some crunchy Maltese bread slightly well fired and gbejniet tal bzar I would think I have died and gone to heaven. I ahve been in this country for 38 years living in Yorkshire and still miss the home comforts.

  29. lemalte says:

    visit our website and you can buy most of the maltese food

  30. Joe Xuereb says:

    I have been to Parparellu on the Fulham Palace Road, number 93 many times. Service is friendly like only a Maltese can be. And of course they have Kinnie and pastizzi. Whenever I’m in the area I drop in for food and a chat.
    This site is a god-send. At last Kinnie is in the news. And about time too!

    • maria says:

      Hi can i ask you where is the paztizzi in oxford street in london cause in january im going and i want to go there

      • Janine Kelso says:

        Hi Maria, as far as I know, there isn’t a Paztizzi in Oxford Street, London, I’m afraid – sorry about that.

  31. FoodieTV says:

    We just produced this short original video about Marilù Vella in Malta who is shaking up the world of Pastizzi there with her modern flair: Enjoy!

  32. Minnie says:

    Well, never mind London! What are the odds of going to a pub in the tiny village of Pebmarsh in Essex and finding Kinnie and Cisk there…not only that, but the Maltese landlord Joe has had a draught beer brewed specially for the pub and called it La Vallette!