Official Royal Wedding China Launched at Buckingham Palace

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The Royal Collection has launched its official range of china to commemorate next year’s marriage of Prince William of Wales and Catherine (Kate) Middleton.

Approved by the happy couple, the Royal Wedding range includes a tankard, plate and pillbox made from English fine bone china. The design features William and Kate’s initials intertwined as well as doves, white ribbons and hearts.

You can purchase the official china in London from the Royal Collection shops at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Or buy it online at online at

What do you think of the Royal Wedding china? Tell us in the comments below.


  1. Martin says:

    Marvellous – I am so pleased this launched in time for Christmas. Mater will be so happy!

  2. Liz Jones says:

    A fool and his money are soon parted

    • jasperlucky says:

      Liz, you have an on/off button on your radio/television SWITCH OFF IF YOU DONT LIKE IT ! !

      After what those two lovely boys have gone through with loosing their lovely mum (me included) people, including me wish the happy couple a very happy life together.

      S0 get off your high horse you sad sad person.

  3. KT says:

    It’s so elegant for one to have a place to keep one’s valium! Dear oh dear, I wonder how much of this gumf they sell? Meanwhile, half the country’s ready to hit the dole queue. I think those royals live in a bit of a bubble.
    Hope they gave the author a tankard or two as a sweetner?

  4. SANDRA SIDERA says:

    I would like to know more about buying a set, where do I go …

    thank you.

  5. Claire Doble says:

    I want the pill box!

  6. calvin says:

    The china looks a great addition. I think that this will the perfect gift for a couple. I am going check the site mention, thanks

  7. Heather Keel says:

    Very tastefully designed.

  8. Neil DeJour says:

    Buckingham Palace has already sold out, but more are coming over the next few days, a lot of people like to collect these items, even if it is just to put away for the Wedding itself.

  9. solidstore says:

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  10. Jennifer Septon says:

    Please advise how does one go about purchasing the plate, cup and box. Thank you, Jennifer

  11. necklace says:

    Wow… beautiful collectables. The royal wedding is going to be spectacular. I am very excited.