London Photo of the Week: Morning Lights in Trafalgar Square

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We’ve chosen littleblomma‘s photo of morning lights in Trafalgar Square as the winner of our Only in London Flickr Photo competition!

Littleblomma won top price tickets to Jersey Boys and a night for two at the Thistle Marble Arch with a bottle of champagne.


  1. I have never visited Trafalgar Square or for that matter any place in London before sunset. I’m a later riser! Looking at this stunning picture I may be tempted to get out of my bed earlier to take in the views, as well as of course grabbing some pictures of my own…

    • RebeccaOfSunnyBrookFarm says:

      Dear William K Wallace,
      Don’t be tempted to get out of bed, early, instead just go out to nightclubs, and see the view on the way home.
      Watch out for Harry !


  2. Steve Pugh says:

    Great photo, I love London around dawn, but very rarely see it.

    Do you think the couple on the left are early-to-rise or late-to-bed?

  3. John says:

    Wow a great photo, a worthy winner of your competition!

  4. Ann says:

    Another great photograph by a really talented person. You should start your own website so that more people can enjoy your work. You’re a well deserved winner. well done.

  5. Wing says:

    Thanks everyone :) It’s lovely to have positive feedbacks from others!