Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts

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An exciting new exhibition has opened at the Royal Academy of Arts dedicated to the world of modern sculpture and the influence of key works on more recent British artists and pieces.  

Modern British Sculpture is the first exhibition in 30 years to focus on British sculpture so it is essential viewing to sculpture fans as well as novices like me. 

I was amazed at the range of sculptures included.  There were fantastic early works which included sculpture from Native American, Indian and African traditions which influenced later designers. 

My highlights include Damien Hirst‘s Let’s Eat Outdoors Today complete with a rotting cow’s head and swarms of flies, as it is so intriguing and disturbing.  I loved the simplicity of Henry Moore‘s Festival Figure and the fabulous and stylish Pelagos by Barbara Hepworth – it would look wonderful in my living room!

There is a huge replica of the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which is magnificent and an incredible tribute to the popular and well-known modern British sculpture.

The show gave me a new appreciation and understanding of sculpture and the Royal Academy of Arts displayed the exhibits in a clear and beautiful way.

Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts until 7 April 2011. Book tickets


  1. Martin says:

    I love this spherical sculpture. How big is it in real life?

  2. Aly says:

    It’s 43 x 46 x 38.5cm!!