Video of the Week: England Winning the Ashes at the Brit Oval in 1926

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We’re all thrilled about the outcome of the Ashes here in the VL office. But sometimes the action in Australia has felt like it’s a very long way away.

Here’s some brilliant coverage of England winning the Ashes at home in 1926 from the BFI archive.

It shows England beating Australia as they regained the Ashes for the first time since 1912 after drawing four successive tests and winning the fifth by 289 runs. This Topical Budget newsreel, originally released on 19 August 1926, shows selected highlights of that fifth test at the Oval. And it certainly looks very different to today’s coverage. No technology here to give people out; these guys aren’t even wearing helmets!

If you’re a cricket fan in London, make sure you take the Lord’s Tour, including the MCC museum. It’s a must-see!


  1. Pete Broadbent says:

    Except that it was called the Oval in those days – no ugly sponsorship and idiotic names. Your headline should read …”at the Oval in 1926.”