Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger Enjoy the London Cycle Hire Bikes

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The London cycle hire scheme is such a great way to travel round London, even Hollywood stars are getting in on the act.

Actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger caught up with London Mayor Boris Johnson for a quick cycle round Potters Field park this lunchtime. Arnie even brought some California sunshine with him!


  1. Tiya says:

    Love the bike scheme. Think it’s been a great success, good for people and environment. I use cycling as my main form of transport around the city and feel healthier, active, part of a transforming city of people who care about the environment. I am based right by Tower Bridge and cycling in the same area as Boris and Arny today.

    Etc etc
    One question, why are Arny and Boris cycling on a road which is not allowed to cycle on?

  2. Arnie for Mayor of London! And Tiya when you are the Terminator you can do whatever you want and the same goes with the Mayor of London!

  3. Awesome. Never thought I would see The Governator riding a bicycle. He was such a great advocate for the gazguzzling Hummers – it’s quite ironic to see him on a non-gasoline consuming 2-wheeler.

  4. It seems to be good idea hire cycle to visit the places in London. Thanks for this post.