Giant Royal Wedding Cake Unveiled in Central London

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Visit London celebrated the upcoming Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton by unveiling a giant wedding cake this morning.

The impressive 4ft (1.2m) cake is a replica of the famous St Bride’s Church in Fleet Street which provided the inspiration for the traditional tiered wedding cake used around the world today.

Here you can see the cake sharing the skyline with the real St Bride’s Church

Back in the 18th century, London-based baker’s apprentice Thomas Rich wanted to create something special for his wedding day so, taking the tall spire and steeple of St Bride’s Church as a model, he came up with the idea for a tiered cake.

This cake was provided by Sophisticake (who made the wedding cake for HRH Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall). It was created using a medieval recipe which required a whopping 200 eggs, 120lb (54kg)  of dried fruit and 18lb (8kg) of butter!

The cake will be donated to St Bride’s Church to share with its parish and support their charitable causes.

The Royal Wedding takes place on 29 April 2011 in London


  1. Nic says:

    fab picture, look at that weather! glad it’s going to a good cause

  2. Judy Bell says:

    Way COOL! May I have a slice?

  3. Hayrr X says:

    Jesus Christ, pass me a giant sickbag.

  4. Cindy Eve says:

    wow!! looks great! will it be open for general viewing? and where. I would love to see it. and of course St Bride’s is one of my favourite places to visit.
    thanks for a delightful pic

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Cindy

      Glad you like the cake. Unfortunately, it’s already been taken away and sliced up so not available to view I’m afraid, but you can still visit the real St Bride’s Church :)


  5. Catherine says:

    Yum I would love a piece for a donation

  6. I find the cake more interesting than the Royal Wedding itself. Hopefully there will be a big alternative party happening in London for people who don’t really care that much about the BIG DAY!

  7. Helene says:


    Where was the cake displayed? From the photo, it looks like it was on a bridge. Thanks!

    • Jenny says:

      Hi Helene

      It does look like a bridge but it was actually on the roof of a commercial building – I’m afraid there isn’t usually public access. A shame given the lovely view!

      Thanks, Jenny

      • Helene says:


        It reminded me of the Millennium Bridge … which is why I was confused. Thanks for clearing that up.

  8. Jenny says:

    Update: The real Royal Wedding cake designer has been announced. Fiona Cairns will make the cake for the big day and just like our St Bride’s cake, it will be a traditional fruit cake with several tiers.

    • Helene says:

      What!! No chocolate!!

      • Jenny says:

        Hi Helene

        Don’t worry, there will be chocolate! A second cake, a McVities chocolate biscuit cake, is also being made for the wedding. Apparently it’s a childhood favourite of Prince William.

  9. Good photo. Eager to see Fiona Cairns big event’s cake photo also.