Lords Win Parliamentary Pancake Race 2011

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MPs and journalists took a battering from members of the House of Lords at today’s Parliamentary Pancake Race in Westminster.

The Lords team took the title back from the MPs, who won last year.

The annual race sees teams of MPs, Lords and members of the press fighting it out for pancake glory and to raise awareness for the charity Rehab.

The victorious Lords team comprised Lord Redesdale, Earl of Listowel, Baroness Parminter, Baroness Jolly, Lord Marks and Lord St John of Bletso.

Lord Redesdale commented:

“It was a gruelling race which called for guts and determination. The MPs and media runners put up a serious challenge but, thanks to a rigorous training regime undertaken immediately before the race, our efforts were rewarded. When all is said and done, we are all just pleased to play our part in supporting the great work of Rehab.”

Rehab is a not-for-profit organisation which provides training and support for people with disabilities and other socially-disadvantaged groups.


  1. Lettice says:

    Mmmm pancakes! Nutella or golden syrup?

  2. Lisa Theirl says:

    “MPs and journalists took a battering from members of the House of Lords” – very clever way with words you have. The Lords, MPs and members of the press look like they had a jolly good time whilst simultaneously helping a worthy cause. Thanks for sharing the results from yesterday’s Parliamentary Pancake race.

  3. SouthLondoner says:

    Golden syrup? No, it’s got to be the classic lemon and sugar. Great photo by the way.