Sheba: The Queen of Brick Lane Curries

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Tucked away opposite the Old Truman Brewery in London E1 is Sheba Brick Lane.

On arriving in Brick Lane we were greeted by touts for a host of Indian restaurants all claiming to offer the best meal on the busy East End street. Sheba, however, needs no touts – it has a steady stream of customers literally queuing for the chance to eat at the well-loved establishment.
Founded in 1973, this family-run restaurant excels in delivering delicious, hearty Indian cuisine at a reasonable price. We arrived at 7pm to a full restaurant. Many diners seemed to be regular customers judging by their familiar rapport with the waiters, which we took to be a good sign. The bustling, buzzy atmosphere gave a sense of theatricality to the whole experience.
The extensive menu was rather overwhelming, with specialties from award-winning chef Gulab Miah, Sheba house specials, a huge selection of seafood as well as all the curry house classics. We eventually decided on kebab ke karishma (grilled meats) followed by the lamb lucklow (lamb shank) and special tandoori korai king prawn.

The main dishes were particularly outstanding. We’ll return to Sheba for the lamb lucknow alone, with its rich gravy of cardamon, tomato and saffron. In fact, the food was so good and portions so generous that we were compelled to take home what we couldn’t finish.
Our evening was rounded off perfectly with a stroll back to Liverpool Street station through the charming Spitalfields Market, happy in the knowledge that we would be able to enjoy our Sheba leftovers for lunch the next day.

Sheba is open seven days a week and booking is recommended at the weekend.


  1. Ric says:

    I’ve eaten at Sheba too – it was an amazing curry.

  2. Trace says:

    mm. looks so yummy

  3. Laura says:

    I visited Sheba at lunchtime on a Tuesday. There was a group of four of us, and for the most part we were the only customers. After waiting nearly 40 minutes for our meals, most of them were cold or barely warm, and the man who claimed to own the restaurant brought out the wrong main, meaning I had to wait an extra 15 minutes or so until I was able to eat. This seemed ridiculous seeing as we were the only customers in the restaurant. The waiter then went through to the kitchen, and had an argument with the chef – very loud, and off putting. The waiter after, seemed very wound up, and kept hovering around us, making us feel very uncomfortable, as we proceeded to eat what can only be described as very poor quality and bland food.
    Never-the-less, we held our tongues about the poor service and the cold, unappetising food as we asked for the bill. What followed was simply unbelievable. The bill was alarmingly big, and much more expensive than anticipated. We asked for a menu, and we totalled up what each of us had ordered. This amount was significantly less than the number printed on the very confusing, and absurdly written bill. I then asked the waiter to go through the bill with us, because we couldn’t understand what many of the items and prices were relating too. It seemed he’d added on all sorts of extra charged for things we hadn’t asked for, nor had he expressed that there would be charges for (for example, tap water). We were baffled as to how he had charged us so much.
    We tried to explain that we had calculated how much we should be paying, showing him the notes we had made on the receipt, at which point he ripped the receipt, snatching it from my hands, and started speaking to us in a very aggressive tone. Only to get more and more angry, rude and abusive. This resulted in him swearing at us, and calling us many a name, even though by this point another couple was sat in the restaurant and had to witness the whole thing. We left feeling very harassed and scared, having paid only the amount we should have, as the waiter hurled all sorts of abuse and obscene language at us from the other side of the restaurant.