Video of the Week: The Royal Mews Prepares for the Royal Wedding

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With just one month to go before Kate and Will’s big day, we thought we’d share this fantastic video of the Royal Mews staff making their preparations for the Royal Wedding.

I think you’ll agree, it makes fascinating viewing to find out about the horses, carriages and cars that’ll be used on the day.

It’s also really nice to see the excited little smiles (from Mark Hargreaves, the Head Coachman and Alex Garty, the Transport Manager) when these otherwise rather serious-sounding men talk about their feelings about the wedding.

 (I can’t help wondering if Hargreaves wears that hat all day, every day?!)


  1. Claire says:

    This is great! So cool to hear from those behind the scenes of the Royal Wedding

  2. Johh Nixon says:

    A nice video about the Royal wedding. All the best for Williams & Kate

  3. Not long to go now! Street party here we come!