Magician Walks Across the Thames

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British magician Dynamo stunned onlookers as he crossed the Thames on foot this weekend.

Dynamo only made it halfway across before being picked up by a police boat (or was it?) So far, we’ve only seen this grainy iPhone footage on AOL:

The stunt marks the launch of Dynamo’s new TV show, Magician Impossible, on Watch.

Any ideas on how he did it?


  1. Georg says:

    I would span a steel cable just below the water surface. Nice promotion idea.

  2. Kape says:

    Perspex/plexiglass walkway just below the surface…

  3. Helene says:

    To expend on what Kape says, above, the plexiglass walkway was constructed like a teadmill, allowing him to take natural steps.

  4. It looks like there could be a tightrope/cable just below the water.

  5. Melissa Wertsxxx says:

    I dont think there was a tightrope or cable otherwise he would have walked with one foot in front of the other! But he didnt he just took natural steps, he walked across the Thames. Its his trick, he knows how he did it and no one else needs to know so stop guessing!!!
    Like it says Dynamo is a magician who does the impossible!!1 lol xx