Your Views: Shrek The Musical at Theatre Royal Drury Lane

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Shrek The Musical sang, danced and burped its way onto the London stage this week, when it officially opened. The show stars Nigel Lindsay, Amanda Holden, Nigel Harman and Richard Blackwood.

We asked a few theatregoers what they thought of the stage adaptation of the popular book and film. They all agreed on one point – that Nigel Harman’s Lord Farquaad was their favourite part of the show:

I really enjoyed Shrek the Musical. It was enthusiastic and silly like a panto and aimed at kids but it was funny and enjoyable for adults too. Nigel Harman completely stole the show as Lord Faquaad with his great singing and hilarious dancing.
Betty 34 London

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Shrek the Musical. How can you recreate a green, burping giant on stage? But everything was brilliant: the dancing, singing, sets, costumes and lights. My favourite bits were the scenes with Nigel Harman, who acted (and danced!) on his knees as the vertically challenged Lord Farqaard. Shrek is a real feel-good show. As we left the theatre my friend declared, “That’s the best thing that’s happened to me all week!”
Hannah, 37, North London

Shrek the Musical had all the kids in the audience rolling in their seats. Like in the movies, the comedy was set on two levels: one aimed at adults and the other at kids – and while I would have appreciated a few more laughs and a fewer sentimental story lines, on the whole, the show was fun. For me, the real star of the show was Nigel Harman as the baddie, Lord Farquaad, getting a laugh from the audience at every appearance.
Jacqueline, London

Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaad outclassed everyone else on stage. He was the perfect pantomime villain, and provided plenty of slapstick comedy performing all his songs and dances on his knees! Shrek The Musical could do with a few more things like that to justify the price of a ticket versus re-watching the DVD. The dragon puppet was also a highlight.
Barbara, 50, West London

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