Giant Chalk Badminton Players on Primrose Hill

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Two giant chalk badminton players were drawn on Primrose Hill this morning to celebrate the YONEX BWF World Badminton Championships 2011, which comes to London next month.

The 50 ft (15m) figures took four hours to complete and were brought to life by a giant shuttlecock which was manouevred between them.

The shuttlecock, which clocks in at over 10ft (3m) tall and weighs more than 4.7 stone (30kgs), later appeared in other locations including Regent Street and Wembley Arena (where the championships are being held).

The YONEX BWF World Badminton Championships, 8-14 August 2011. Book tickets


  1. Mike says:

    Nice idea London! What will you do for the Olympics?

  2. Nick Rose says:

    Looks amazing from up high but I guess it looked really weird to the bystanders at ground level!