North Korea in London: La Galleria, Pall Mall

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There aren’t many North Koreans living in London and it’s difficult to find much of a trace of the country in the capital.

But a trip to La Galleria in Pall Mall will allow you a rare insight into this secretive society.

La Galleria currently holds a number of North Korean artworks, which are for sale and can be viewed by appointment.

The gallery holds oil and ink paintings as well as North Korean propaganda posters (although the latter are currently unavailable).

North Korean artists must be registered with the state and their work is usually commissioned by the state as well. Due to North Korea’s isolationism, its art is largely uninfluenced by world contemporary art trends.

La Galleria, or phone +44 (0) 20 7930 8069 to make an appointment


  1. Art is under control in North Korea, artist are members of the state artist associations, they have regular hours working daily and recieving monthly salaries for producing numbers of selected artwork.

    Although North Korean’s art offers a unique glimplse into the character, the mentality and the culture of the nation, there’s a blurry line between art and propaganda.

    This exhibit is worth the visit.