London Video of the Week: London Loves You

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We’re loving this song and video by TheKillersongs; it’s a proper London anthem! And it’s great to see so many new London landmarks in their finished state in the video, particularly the forthcoming London Bridge icon, The Shard…

Be warned: listen once, and you’re sure to have it going around in your head for the next few hours…

What’s your favourite song about London?


  1. Lettice says:

    This is going to be going round my head all weekend!

  2. Nigel Foster says:

    Good song, but it’s a shame they don’t know the difference between London Bridge and Tower Bridge…!

    • john wright says:

      Actually:-)) (Nigel)
      We do know the difference…

      ever heard of Poetic license.

      The original lyric was in point of fact)
      “A London bridge is not falling down!”

      Besides London bridge as we know it …

      is NOT the original …that was sold to the Americans!!
      Leaving us with a very dull looking successor.

      Thanks for your sharp mind though:-)

  3. john wright says:

    Post recent London riots…

    This is just the tonic we need to bring Londoners back into positivity mode…London Loves You :

    This song…Says it all:-D

    We all want those coming to the London 2012 Olympics to know just that! it truly is a new (much needed) Anthem for London