Top London Travel Apps for Families

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Here are five fab apps for families exploring London this summer. If you know of any more, please let us know in the comments below.

Pack and Go Deluxe
Before you even set off for London, download this app. You’ll never forget to pack your little one’s favourite toy, or your teenager’s toiletry bag again. Pack and Go Deluxe is a packing travel checklist and task reminder system built specifically for families. As well as an extensive catalogue of important travel items, you can build your own checklists for family members, shopping trips and more. On the more fun side, you can plan your trip to London with the To Do section. Finally, use the “briefcase” to password-protect important info like your passport number, drivers licence and emergency contact numbers. (iPhone and iPad, £1.99)

Toilet Map
Where to find your next available wee stop is vitally important when you’re out with kids. Enter Toilet Map, an impressively comprehensive list of London’s conveniences by Ian Mansfield, better known as IanVisits. Toilets can be filtered by cost (free or not), gender, accessibility and, simply whether or not they are “open right now”. Best of all, the app is available on both iPhone and Android phones. (£1.49, and worth every penny if you’re caught short!)

Send a postcard of your trip to London with a difference! Postino creates a real, physical postcard from the photos you’ve taken on your iPhone, and sends them around the world. Your kids will love getting creative with this app – and the folks back home are sure to treasure getting more personalised missives from the capital. (iPhone and iPad, free)

London For Families
More than just an app guide to London, London For Families incorporates guided walks, a loo finder, and offline maps, to make exploring London with your family easier than ever. If the little ones are getting bored, switch to Mission Mode and give your kids a local challenge to solve. The Teleport Machine is a fun, random suggestion generator based on the time and your location, because sometimes planning your next step is best left to chance! (iPhone and iPad, £1.99)

Chancellor’s Gold
Treasure hunt-style apps are on the increase, but Chancellor’s Gold is the only one I know about where you really can win real gold! You’ve got two more chances to win: there’s £1000 up for grabs at the end of August, and a grand prize of £5000 to win at the end of September 2011. Based on the 1979 children’s book Masquerade, The Chancellor’s Gold app gives you clues to London landmarks, and ultimately leads you to a hoard of lost gold sovereigns somewhere in London. Visit to find out more. (iPhone and iPad, £1.49)

Do you know of any other good London apps for families? Let us know in the comments below. Here are more tips on enjoying London with kids


  1. Hi – my husband and I have just launched an iphone App called London Thru Cafes at We’ve created it together, which is quite apt as a London Cafe is where we met! The App tells you about fabulous places to visit near each cafe and includes a survival guide full of useful information. We’ve included many places that are great for kids – from children’s theatres, museums that have great activities to kids to classics such as London Zoo. See our site for more details. Best wishes!

  2. Tom Samuels says:

    I’ve used this app alot. It’s a London Bus stop app that shows live arrival times for all the bus stops in the city. I like the alarm which tells you when to leave your hotel or house to get to the bus stop just in time for the bus.

  3. Jim says:

    We use Haystacks for finding family stuff in London.