London 2012 Olympic Flame to Appear in EastEnders

The Olympic Flame will feature in British soap EastEnders on 23 July next year. Billy Mitchell will carry the flame through Walford, cheered on by the famous residents of Albert Square.

Regular viewers already know that Mitchell and Fat Boy have been nominated as Torchbearers. In tonight’s episode we’ll learn that the Torch Relay is coming to Walford, and in December Mitchell will find out that he’s been chosen to carry the flame.

In real life, the Torch Relay will travel through more than 1,000 villages, towns and cities in the UK and take in hundreds of landmarks before arriving in London for the start of the 2012 Games.


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  1. After it arrives in London it’s actually doing a tour of the boroughs for a week before arriving in Newham. There are, as yet unidentified, plans for celebrations in the hosting boroughs each evening.

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