London Video of the Week: 24 Hours in the Life of London

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I rather like this picture journey through London, from sunrises to sunsets. As well as showing off some gorgeous photography, it’s nice to be reminded of how lovely London looks in the summer on one of the shortest days of the year in the dark ends of December! And the soundtrack just adds to the summery vibe.

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  1. Great video. In a similar vein, you might like my iPad app – London Eleven – it features 110 eclectic photos of London in 2011. You’ll find it here:

  2. Fred Rone says:

    London as a glistening, technologically vibrant metropolis – this captures the feel of London perfectly.

  3. What a great video on London. As a Londoner I sometimes need to remind myself to see the beauty of the city. The video highlighted so much that we rush by everyday.

    London always inspires me as an artist to create. A great place for original thinking.

  4. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the post. Absolutely gorgeous!
    Does anyone by chance know the soundtrack artist?