London Video of the Week: London Town by Antz & Co

Here’s a cheery, sunny London song to remind you that it’s not always freezing and snowy in London! Thanks to antzuk25 for letting us know about this video on our facebook page.

Don’t forget, you can keep in touch with us on twitter, google+, and flickr as well as facebook. We are indeed, “a city that never snores!”

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  1. great video, good singalong, love the Queen. x says:

    Could use this to promote London as a fun place to visit.

  2. George French says:

    GreAt tune. This could be a hit! In the right hands. We can’t stop singing along to it” my little girl
    Loves it, go luck! Cheers George

  3. Sue Baker says:


  4. Yey a happy London Song. I think the British tourist Board should be using this to promote our great city, makes it look like a lot of fun.