Your Views: The New Cast of Ghost The Musical

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Ghost The Musical has been romancing audiences in London since summer 2011. In January, the musical had a major cast change with Mark Evans and Siobhan Dillon taking over from Richard Fleeshman and Cassie Levy in the lead roles. We asked what you thought of Ghost with its new cast members:

“Siobhan Dillon and Mark Evans were very impressive as relatively new cast members in the stage adaptation of Ghost at the Piccadilly Theatre. I thought this might detract from my enjoyment of the show (having seen it previously with original cast) but was actually pleasantly surprised to find that, if anything, I was more impressed the second time round.

“The actors comfortably delivered their lines, with highly comical scenes, a great score, impeccable timing from Sharon D Clarke and overwhelming special effects. Ghost is still one of my top five West End musicals.”
Lucy Hillyard

“I thought it was amazing and it totally exceeded my expectations.  The special effects were awesome. It’s the sort of play you could see again and again as there is just so much to it. The staging was some of the best I have ever seen in the West End.” 
Alison Couper 

“Thoroughly enjoyed Ghost, wonderful cast and the sound effects were fabulous.”
Josephine Somers

“I thought the special effects were amazing and very well thought out.  The lead characters were great, very good singers too!  For me the lady that played Oda Mae Brown stole the show.”
Bernice Windley

“Thought it was very good – a few tears as well!. The special effects exceeded my expectations.”
Sarah Bagg

Have you seen Ghost The Musical? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below.