The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe: Building The threesixty Theatre In Kensington Gardens

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New theatre show The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe starts previews in Kensington Gardens tomorrow night. It looks like it’ll be a fantastic evening’s entertainment.

Ahead of their first night, here’s an amazing time-lapse video of the theatre being built.

Interested in seeing the show? You can read more about it, and book tickets here.


  1. Romesh says:

    My partner received tickets for the 21st May.We got there at 6.50pm for a 7pm show and was told show will start at 7.30pm due to a Tec issue. The ground has a good ba and selection of food and drinks. Loads of kids were anticipating and playing in the area. We lined up at 7.15pm and at 7.45pm we were told due to a Tec issue the show is cancelled!!!!!!!! Been for so many shows at the west end never this before had been told later than the show time………
    Was given a form and a link to re book!!!!!!!!!

  2. Richard Campbell says:

    I attended the 3.30pm show on Sunday 27th May. It was a nice warm sunny day but the temperature inside the tent was unreasonably high and made it impossible to enjoy the show. It was stifflingly hot and it was difficult to stay awake let alone enjoy the show.
    To quote their website: “Is it open air?
    NO! The threesixty Theatre is a multi-million pound purpose built state-of-the-art tent and is temperature controlled. WE have played in -20 degrees in Atlanta, USA and +40 in Los Angeles, USA , and a hurricane in Chicago so we are prepared for all weather.”
    Having paid over £100 for tickets I think it reasonable that the temperature is controlled as advertised and yesterday it was no way near 40C in central London. I do not know the temperature inside the tent since they refused to tell me but I estimate it at close to 30C.

    There was technical problem in the first half of the show and my wife went to see if we could get tickets for another date or a refund given it was so hot. She was told she was the only person to complain, as if that made their position reasonable. I asked at the interval to see a manager. Siobhan Lighhtfoot told me she did not know the temperature inside the tent and refused to refund or to issue me with new tickets. I told her she had an obligation to know the temperature inside the tent. She told me to put any comments in writing and basically to get lost.
    At the end of the show, I went to ask Siobhan Lightfoot the temperature inside the tent. She refused to tell me the temperature inside the tent. I asked why would she not provide me with this information, since all I wanted to do was establish the facts. She refused to tell me how many others had complained or asked for refunds and merely stated ” a couple” , when pressed whether that meant two she walked off. Our reasonable complaints were extremely badly handled, given the show is by no means a sell out it would have been of very little cost for them to given us tickets for another date.
    I phoned the number on the card given to me by Siobhan today and spoke to Shane. After explaining the situation to him he referred to the “extreme weather conditions” of yesterday. I pointed out to him that the show runs through to 8 Sept and yesterday was in no way extreme and that the tent was not temperature controlled. He said that he did not know the temperature inside the tent but admitted that it would have been recorded. Siobhan had said that they aimed to cool the tent to 20C and he agreed with this. He declined to say whether the temperature was above 20C based on his own experience yesterday and again told me to put any comments in writing to
    I have done this and await some kind of response and what the temperature was. But basically based on our experience unless you like sauna like conditions I recommend you give this show a wide berth which is a pity. Richard.

  3. Richard Campbell says:

    Please see above.
    This no response to my complaint email dated 28th May, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. I will let you all draw your own conclusions. Richard