Big Ben’s Clock Tower To Be Renamed

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The tower that houses the famous Big Ben bell, whose distinctive chime can be heard throughout Westminster, is to be renamed in honour of The Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year.

Presently known as the Clock Tower, it will be renamed Elizabeth Tower at a special ceremony, following recent approval of the proposal by the House of Commons authorities.

It is worth noting, however, that the name change will only apply to the tower and not the bell. Big Ben, incidentally, is said by some to have been named after a giant and very successful 19th century boxer called Ben Caunt, proving that all sorts of achievements are capable of making history.

What do you think of the name change? Will you start calling it Elizabeth Tower; or continue to refer to the attraction as Big Ben as many people currently do? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Save Big Ben says:

    The tower housing Big Ben is to be renamed the Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen, the House of Commons has confirmed.

    Big Ben is one our most recognisable tourist attractions and in 2008 was voted UK’s favourite landmark.

    We like the Queen, but think that renaming Big Ben is one of the stupidest ideas we have ever heard. Let’s build a new tower, or rename a less important belfry, or perhaps MPs should concentrate on saving us from economic annihilation rather than whipping votes for the unnecessary rebranding of one of our most famous monuments.

    So, join us in voting to Save Big Ben.

  2. Maria says:

    The House of Commons they can do what they like yes if you
    can not make The Elizabeth Tower of course you can rename anything for the sake of it?I hope they can build a new
    landmark to honour Her Majesty unless they have done it already!

  3. Clare says:

    Seriously? Big Ben is a bell, not a Tower. Big Ben is not being renamed, the tower is. So the Tower (currently called Clock Tower) will become Elizabeth Tower, and Big Ben will still be called Big Ben. Stop panicking!

  4. Craigoh says:

    Big Bess!
    Long Liz!
    Dizzy Lizzie!

  5. shamz says:

    i am from Dubai..
    this Big Ben’s clock tower visit is my dream in life..
    i love London culture and life style ..
    i respect your everything..
    London visit is my dream.. its beauty city in the world..
    i hope.. in my life i can visit London..
    Especially Big Ben’s clock, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Natural History Museum.. etc.. :)