Gifts From The Olympic Gods Appear Across London

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If you find a giant javelin piercing your local park, or a 3m tall shot-put sinking into the pavement outside your closest Tube station, don’t worry, these aren’t Olympic-related hallucinations.

Part of “Gifts of the Olympic Gods”, these 12 sculptures – including javelins, shot-puts, and bows and arrows – have been installed around the city, evoking the Greek gods in whose honour the original Olympic Games were held.  And up-close, the impressive sculptures really do look like they have been dropped from a great height! Unsuspecting pedestrians beware.

You can see the giant sculptures at the following locations:



Bow and Arrows

The gifts are part of the Mayor of London’s Summer Like No Other programme. Find out about other “Wonders” cropping up over London during the Games at

Have you seen any of the Gifts of the Olympic Gods? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


  1. LR says:

    The javelin’s at Westfield White City, not the BBC BTW.

  2. Claire Doble says:

    I’m really keen to see these… will even venture out of North London on a pilgrimage!

  3. Rebecca Hilliard says:

    Have just left London and unfortunately missed these – great idea and the image shown in the article looks fantastic. Would love to see the others but the links seem to all go to ‘visit London’ addresses. More pics please.