Victoria Park Prepares for the Opening Ceremony

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This morning as the Olympic Flame made its way up the Thames to Central London, I headed east to the Victoria Park BT London Livesite to take a look around.

The Victoria Park site, like the Hyde Park version, is a huge fenced off area that features giant screens, and a load of other entertainment. This includes some of the Mayor of London Presents “Wonder” installations – Aurora, Bloom, Drip and The Universal Tea Machine- which I was actually hoping to see for myself, not realising they’d be tucked away inside with no public access at such an early hour. I did, however, get to check out the impressive World in London photographic exhibition that’s now displayed on the outside fence.

With tonight’s Opening Ceremony expected to be one of the most popular events at the Livesites, there was a definite feeling of excitement in the air, even at 11am. Guaranteed-entry tickets for tonight’s BT London Livesite in Victoria Park are all sold out. If you’re lucky enough to have one, gates open at 4pm .

However, the beauty of this venue is that up to 10,000 people will also get in free this evening from 7pm on a first come, first served basis. In true British fashion, a queue was already forming by noon today, so we suggest getting down there fairly quicksmart if you’d like to attend this evening’s festivities.

Organisers wanted people to know that they won’t be allowed to bring anything into the site such as food, drinks or chairs (baby food is allowed), but everything is available to buy inside.

Here’s our list of Places to Watch the Opening Ceremony. Where are you watching it? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Pete Stean says:

    Victoria Park looked *very busy* when I walked past at about 7pm last night. No doubt that was partly due to the opening ceremony, but given that it’s one of the few ‘official’ big screens in London I can’t imagine that it will be calm and relaxed inside at any point during London 2012. If crowds aren’t your thing then I would explore other options…