Boris Bike Milestone: 1 Million Hires in July

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Barclays Cycle Hire, Tower BridgeIt was announced today that the Barclays Cycle Scheme surpassed 1 mission hires in July. There were almost 47,000 hires on 26 July, the most ever hires in one day. Since their launch in 2010, “Boris Bikes” have become a familiar sight on our city’s streets.

Open to everyone – including non-UK residents – the scheme was expanded earlier this year to include more of East London. There are now 8000 bikes and 560 docking stations.

Cycling is a great way to see the city whilst getting some exercise – plus it can often be quicker than other forms of public transport. I’m guessing cycling will become even more popular in London following Team GB’s stellar London 2012 Olympic performance!

Have you tried the bikes? Tell us about your best journey?


  1. Goodwheel says:

    This is a fantastic scheme for London which generally high satisfaction rates.

    However, the scheme does have its downsides – it is prohibitively expensive for anything other than short rentals. The report ‘Barclays Cycle Hire customer satisfaction and usage – wave Septembe 2011’ showed that only 1% of users rented these bikes for longer than 1 hour. This is very likely the result of the big expense involved in renting for longer periods of time.

    So whilst this scheme scores highly for short rentals and convenience anyone looking to rent a bike for more than a few hours would be better served renting from a rental bike company.