London Video of the Week: A Summer Like No Other

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The chillier mornings and shorter evenings have nudged me into tights and coats this week: it’s clear summer is on the way out in London.

But here’s a great video bringing you the best memories of this incredible “Summer Like No Other”, a series of amazing events organised by the Mayor of London.

Do you have a favourite memory from this summer? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Rick Eliason says:

    I am amazed at how little of the stuff in the video I never heard about (where was the inflatable Stonehenge??!). Still, it was an awesome summer and started my new job in London at the perfect time!

    A fav of mine which stuck out (for reasons I can’t fathom myself) was the day that the Olympic Torch got flown in over Tower Bridge and abseiled into the Tower of London. I have got some great photos of the navy helicopters with the Thames, Shard etc in the background on a summer evening (see them here if interested:

  2. Londonette says:

    Nice that they used the Big Busk winner for a soundtrack. Ah it was a great summer ! :)