Duchess of Cambridge Painting Unveiled at National Portrait Gallery

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The first official painting of the Duchess of Cambridge will go on show to the public at the National Portrait Gallery from this afternoon.

The Duchess was involved in selecting artist Paul Emsley, who won the BP Portrait Award in 2007, to paint the portrait, which took three and a half months to complete.

What do you think of the picture?


  1. PoCoTex says:

    It’s intriguing to me. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, though. At times I see it as extremely well done; but, other times, I don’t like it at all. Is it perhaps a Mona Lisa smile? Wait a minute, I know why it puzzles me! The Duchess is smiling in the picture but her eyes aren’t smiling. It’s almost one of those insincere smiles where I know the person is trying to manipulate me with her smile but I don’t see the sincerity in her eyes.

  2. Laura says:

    Well, I don’t like this picture of her. She’s more beautiful, but this might be just an opinion. I dare say that she seems older than she is and that smile seems a sneer…

  3. Renee Gundhus says:

    This artist is clearly amazing. It’s a great likeness. It clearly looks like Kate. I think the painting as I’ve heard other people say makes her look older than she is, but even Kate older, she’s very beautiful and if Kate and William are cool with it, that should be all that’s important.

  4. Mark says:

    I don’t like it at all!

  5. melissa says:

    it makes her look like she 40+ i really dont like it