London Dungeon: Re-Fresh Fear this Year!

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Think learning about history is boring? You’ll think again at the London Dungeon!

Step into the dark, spooky underground and back in time at the Dungeon’s new home on the South Bank, where you will cry with laughter and shake with fear while learning a thing or two about London’s gruesome past.

For almost 40 years, the Dungeon has been terrifying visitors beneath the arches on Tooley Street (near London Bridge); since March, it’s continued to frighten visitors in the underground vaults of County Hall, between Big Ben and the London Eye.

I went on an after-hours tour of what was already one of London’s most popular attractions, to see how it has improved. During 90 minutes, we were taken on a journey across 1,000 years of London’s goriest past, where history is brought to life.

The Dungeon is now “bigger, bolder and better” than before. Spine-tingling special effects make the whole experience extremely atmospheric, from the sight of the not-so-dead bodies to the sound of explosions during the gunpowder plot… even down to the stinky smells. The interactive tour features 18 new shows which are led by 20 live actors; old favourite characters are joined by new villains including Henry VIII virtually played by actor Brian Blessed.

The journey begins with a descent into the dungeons in a medieval lift. Here Henry VIII condemns you to execution as you begin a trip down the murky Thames… you don’t lose your head just yet but you will get wet!

London’s most infamous characters are lurking around every corner, including Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper and Guy Fawkes, who move you seamlessly from show to show taking you from plague ridden streets to torture chambers… where a lucky few will escape the torture!

Try and keep your head as you pass through the spinning sewer, and once again when you are treated to a “hair cut” in the dark above Mrs Lovett’s Pie Shop. Don’t get lost in the mirror maze and be extra careful as you stop off at The Ten Bells Pub, as Jack the Ripper is waiting to strike again.

Finally, if you have managed to make it this far, you will find yourself facing the judge in the courtroom – will you be sent through Guilty or Very Guilty? Either way you enter the Newgate Gallows to face the noose at the drop ride to DOOM!

I lived to tell the tale…. will you?!

Ellie was a guest of The London Dungeon


  1. Emilie says:

    I loved the new one when we went last week.

    Granted I was only about 16 when i went to the old one but still, i really liked it. I hated the smells apart from the one in Mrs Lovettes Pie store. mmm Pies….

  2. Jennifer says:

    Is it appropriate for a 6 1/2 year old? I don’t want it to be too scary. Thanks