Top Five Things to do in London This Summer by Kane, Eight

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Young Londoner Kane, eight, shares his five favourite things to do in London during the summer holidays.

Hampstead Heath

kane-face-250Hampstead Heath is awesome. When I went last time I played Frisbee on the hill and when we walked through the wood we saw two really cool guys doing sword fighting and another man practising the tightrope. It is really good to fly a kite and they have a lido which is amazing as you can swim outdoors. When we go to Hampstead Heath we always walk to Hampstead village after we have played and have a burger or fish and chips in a pub.

The South Bank

I love the South Bank as there are lots of performing actors, like people pretending to be statues. There is a gold man who jumps out at anyone who walks past, which is really funny. You can get pictures with them. Once I saw a chameleon riding a bike and a man pretending to be a dog. There are magic people who do tricks like escaping from chain jackets and juggling swords, and amazing limbo dancers who are really cool – even when they are just half a metre above the ground they can still get under the limbo pole. There are always ice cream vans on a sunny day and the big wheel is on the South Bank too.

kane-hyde-park-610-2Roller Blading in Hyde Park

If you go skating in Hyde Park you can hire skates from the Blue Room near the Marble Arch. It is a really exciting thing to do. You get to try skates on and pick your own colour. It is fun skating because you see more advanced skaters doing cool tricks; you may even see me skating when you go as I like skating a lot. The really cool thing about skating in Hyde Park is that it is bigger than any other place I skate and the roads are really smooth, so you don’t trip up and it is a lot easier to do stuff like slalom, wheelies and one foot tricks. There is a really cool lake if you skate further down, which has a lot of ducks on it. The park is really busy so you see a lot of people, but you still have lots of room to skate and do tricks.


Hamleys is awesome. It’s really fun. There are loads of toys. When I first went in I said, “Woah, I have never known anything so cool”. It is massive. There are guys playing with remote controlled helicopters; there are giant models hanging off the ceiling, like Ben 10; and there are also loads of computer games if you like that sort of thing. My favourite visit to Hamleys was when my mum’s friend took me to choose my birthday present – I got so many different types of Trash Pack.

Legoland Windsor

Legoland is a brilliant day out for all the family. It is really fun. There is a massive roller coaster made out of Lego with a dragon on it, and a baby one for kids who are younger. My best friend really loves it as well. There is a toy shop where you can buy loads of Lego. Once I bought a sword and shield and an Egyptian tomb with loads of gems. I still have them and still play with them. When you drive in you see Lego people waving and building things like tables. If you go you should spend about five hours there. It is definitely worth spending five hours – they have loads of flavours of popcorn, ice cream and hotdogs. There are loads of rides. You get squirted by water dragons when you go on the roller coaster. There are also big spaces where you can play. It is so much fun, I have been twice.

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