Top Things to do in London this Summer by Stan, 11

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StanHi, this is my London. I am just 11 and I was born in West London but now live in South East London. I have a brother and two sisters who are younger than me. I am just about tall enough to rent a Barclays Bike to go about town and I will do it this summer for the first time. Here are a few places I recommend to go to …

 The Oval Cricket Ground

The Oval is brilliant, a very good sports facility as you can buy tickets for children for £1 to see the cricket. I have been many times and this is why I recommend it – Cricket is great fun to watch, especially the 20/20 matches as they last about three hours, not many days like Test Cricket! The Oval is home to Surrey Cricket Team, they are really good and the England Batsman Kevin Peitersen plays for them. You can sometimes see international 20/20 games here too.

London Zoo

I have been visiting London Zoo for years and I recommend it because the animals that it is home to are very interesting and the signs outside their habitats give you lots of information so in one day you can go in knowing nothing but, I bet you, you will know lots when you leave. You can learn about habitats, vegetation, diet, behaviour and also it’s a great day out. I think it’s great because there is lots of interactive stuff and walk throughs such as the Butterfly house where a butterfly could land on you. The dazzling colours of the butterflies make you want to come back again and again. The first Harry Potter film was filmed in London Zoo and the snake which escaped the cage in the film lives in the London Zoo Snake House.

This is just a little history of London Zoo that I could tell you but if you go there you could find out more and tell me by putting a note on this blog.

The Unicorn Theatre

The Unicorn Theatre is a theatre for children of all ages. The programme is brilliant and the shows range from toddlers to teenagers. Seeing many of their shows I believe that they are very good and I think you should see for yourself as the acting and performances are great. One of the most memorable shows that I have been to see was Romeo and Juliet and the only prop was a giant metal heart in the middle of the stage.

One of the good things about the Unicorn is also what you see on the way there – it is near the River Thames, Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast and the water fountains by The Scoop. Great fun on a hot day!

Outdoor Film Screenings

There are lots of film festivals in London including one that I have made a film for this summer – the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival. My film will screen in September. Often there are outdoor screenings across London. I have seen films in the Herne Hill Velodrome (do try and see cycling here too) where the film was pedal powered – if you stopped pedalling we couldn’t power the film so the film would pause. I have also seen films at the London Wildlife Trust Centre for Wildlife Gardening in East Dulwich – this one was a silent Laurel and Hardy movie with a live pianist performing. My friends have also seen films in Telegraph Hill Park and there is a great view from here all across London.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley is the England home ground and also where the Champions League final was played! Wembley is an amazing day out whether you are on the tour of the ground or watching some football. I have been here many times and I really recommend. The reason I recommend this is because the sport is very good and the atmosphere feels like a once in a lifetime experience especially if it’s a very important game – I managed to see some games during the Olympics, London 2012 and I have brilliant memories.

Skateboarding and Bike tracks

A new BMX bike track is being built in Burgess Park; there is one already in Brockwell Park in Herne Hill and a small one near me in Peckham Rye Park, also on Telegraph Hill. You can watch people skating under the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre – there is loads of graffiti on the walls and it is really cool to watch. If you are into cycling do try to go to the Herne Hill Velodrome either to watch a race or to go on the track yourself. Finally, if you are into cycling go to the Museum of London where there is an exhibition of the history of Cycling in London and it shows the number of journeys used by the Barclays Bikes across London. It is really interesting and there is a computer that maps the data of each journey recorded by each bike – amazing!

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  1. Stewart Colins says:

    Great to see these ideas – my eldest son is 12 and we have a daughter who is 7, any ideas for things to do around London to keep both occupied? Thanks

    • Stan says:

      I would suggest going to the clink it’s a very good day out from previous experiences I would also recommend the globe theatre as they do Shakespearean plays which could get your daughter more into literature!! Thanks for reading my blog please could you tell your friends about it!!

  2. Pamilla says:

    Love it, an 11 yr old just mapped out my trip to London. Sounds like some really awesome places to visit…thank you!

  3. What a great blog idea – keep them coming. We’ve got visitors with friends your age over the Summer and I’ve been wondering what might be interesting for all ages. The zoo was in my mind (courtesy of reptile loving spouse), but the outdoor cinema and Unicorn Theatre sound great.

  4. Jane Cooper says:

    Great blog and loads of great ideas! Might see if my 11 year old son fancies making a film!

  5. Mirjam says:

    Great tips for overseas visitors with kids! Thanks for sharing, Stan from South East London.

  6. BMX'er says:

    There is an open day at the Burgess Park BMX track on 16 August. Details are here.

  7. West country Grandma says:

    Will be visiting my grandchildren in London soon and found this blog very helpful with good ideas of things to do. Well done

  8. Love this series of posts and great tips straight from the source ;-) My kids are a little younger and my site is aimed at under 7s, but looks at stuff that’s parent-friendly and fun for all ages.

    If you fancy checking out my summer guide of 31 Cool Things to Do with Kids in London and my Top 20 Free Things to do this Summer, visit

  9. Sam the fish of the world says:

    Well done stab great job

  10. Stan says:

    The track is awesome but finished with ruined jeans still epic though all an 11 yr old could want massive jumps best mates and a massive track burgess park BMX is epic!!!!!!

  11. Sophie says:

    Wow – what a great blog! :) I’ve lived in London all my life and didn’t realise there was so much to do, especially for kids. Definitely going to visit an outdoor film screening!

  12. Roxanne says:

    Very well written, Stan, for one only 11! You’ve made all these places sound worthy of visiting, no matter how old you are!