My Favourite Places To Go In London This Summer By Ezra, Age Eight And a Third

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Guest blog by Ezra from Babes About Town


1. Granary Square, King’s Cross

I like Granary Square because there are fountains that change shape. At night it’s even better because the fountains go a bit higher and they turn loads of bright colours. It’s a really big space where you can jump and run around.

Sometimes there are food stalls, and there are other nice places to eat, plus there’s a space round the back where they have different activities. There’s table tennis, and last summer they had a roller skating rink. My friend had a party there and it was my first time ever roller skating. I did pretty well.

Sometimes we get to Granary Square by walking along the canal and you can sit by the water on these great big steps like long green sofas covered in grass. I once saw a guy doing a handstand on there. You can also do forward rolls although I wouldn’t do forward rolls down the stairs because it would hurt a lot and also you could fall into the canal! You can actually take a boat ride through a tunnel from there too.

Granary Square Fountains

Hyde Park

I like Hyde Park because it’s like a country of green lands. It’s like a giant, giant park that’s probably bigger than two buildings stacked on top of each other. It’s a good place for running around as there’s loads of space to play. It’s a great place to have a picnic. We love playing football there — sometimes we find two trees and another two trees next to each other so it makes a great goal.

At Hyde Park there are always people playing sports and loads of people rollerskating down the pathway, skateboarding, doing back flips and tricks. There’s a very long lake (it has to be long because Hyde Park is giant!). You can sit by the lake on a deckchair and sometimes the ducks fly out so you can feed them.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park

Southbank Centre

I love the South Bank because not only is it really big, there’s a food market at the bottom where you can get loads of stuff to eat. There’s a really cool skate park; I like watching them skate and do bike tricks. There’s space to run around, you can see the River Thames.

You can get a river cruise or a sightseeing tour and one time we went on a super-fast speed boat ride! From the Southbank Centre you can see all the famous buildings like Big Ben and the EDF Energy London Eye. When you walk along, you can see buskers who do stunts like flipping off their bicycle or these amazing African acrobats. We’ve seen lots of shows there, like Slava’s Snowshow in winter which is a very funny show.

Skateboarder on the South Bank

Science Museum

I like the Science Museum because there’s a place called the Launchpad where you can test things out and do the actual experiment yourself. You can fire a water bottle rocket by pressing two buttons, it’s really cool. There are different sections where you can find out about science, outer space and how the world was created, or how people lived in the olden days. The space section is cool because it tells you about the galaxy and stuff which hasn’t even been discovered yet.

Science Museum

Street Food Fairs and Markets

My dad does street food and we love going to street food fairs and markets. There’s Kerb, there’s Street Feast, there’s Feast, loads of different ones. I’ve tried different types of food from all different countries, even vegetarian Indian! I usually eat quite a few things because it all looks so nice. One time at an event I made some meatballs and we had them in a sauce and it was yummy. I had two helpings! Most of the time, the food doesn’t cost as much as restaurants and you can just walk around outdoors eating. It’s pretty cool.

South Bank Market

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  1. Meena says:

    What an amazing blog Ezra! As I read what you’ve written I can imagine how fun it must be for you and other children to enjoy the wonderful places we have in London!
    We love all the places you have mentioned, and I’m sure many more kids will want to explore them because of how you’ve described them!!
    Well done Ezra!
    From Meena, Sofia and Bas. Xxx

  2. Honest Mum says:

    Ezra you are so clever, this review is AWESOME! We love the Science Museum too and my kids love playing with all the water games in the basement! We will have to try the Launch Pad too, it sounds amazing fun!

    I can’t wait to use your list when we next visit London, well done you x

  3. What a fabulous article, and so many places I have not been to, need to take Isabelle and Olivia to. I have only recently discovered the Granary Square, and it was so lovely there, need to go back.

  4. Nana says:

    Ezra, you are a writer! Brilliant stuff! You made me want to visit all those places with YOU.

  5. Obi says:

    Well done Ezra, I really enjoying reading your first blog. It was full of excellent information. I look forward to reading many more of your blogs in the future.

    Aunty Obi Asika

  6. Great post Ezra, very proud of you for your first blog! And of course I love your picks, these are some of our favourite stomping grounds in London. Such a fab city and London really comes alive in summer, it’s hard to narrow down with all the fantastic family things to do. And yes I remember you with those meatballs lol :-)

  7. Wow – what a fantastic list of attractions, thanks Ezra. I’ll DEFINITELY be taking my monkeys along to some of these!! :) xx

  8. Denise says:

    Well done Ezra!

    We will be checking out Hyde Park thanks to your blog. I also like your picture of Granary Sqaure because I can see my office window in it!

    Denise (Tori’s Mum)

  9. Ezra this is such a fab post, we are trying out the London Pass later this month, great to have a local’s tips! I.might get my daughter to read your post and write her own – great idea!

  10. Emily says:

    Wow Ezra – such a great review of these places. You really paint a picture and bring them alive. Very well done!!! xx

  11. What a fabulous review and thank you for introducing me to some of London’s attractions that I have never visited like Granary Square – I am definitely going soon! Like you we love all of London’s parks and Hyde Park is indeed special. You are a very talented boy. xx

  12. Anene says:

    Great blog! Wish I had someone to take me to see all these sights! Kudos Ezra on your fantastic suggestions & writing!

  13. yets says:

    Ezra, this is absolutely fantastic. We are so proud of you. I read your blog to your baby cousin and she was in awe. Asking all sorts of questions. Mainly when are we coming to London so Ezra can take me to all these places.
    You are a great role model and inspiration. We love you

  14. Emma P says:

    Such an excellent blog. I am taking my son (he is 8 ) to London next month so this was very helpful. Thank you