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The Great Gorilla Run: One Day To Go

It’s now only one day until the Great Gorilla Run and the nerves are starting to build up.  I’m not nervous about the race itself, more about how hot my gorilla suit is going to be.

Gorillas running across Tower Bridge

There was a tangible sense of excitement in the Visit London offices when the suit arrived in the post and it did not disappoint.  

I’m not really sure how to describe it; any description just would not do it justice, from the full rubber face mask, to the all-in-one furry suit. There’s even a set of gorilla gloves – just in case my human hands would give away the fact that I’m not a real gorilla!

The only thing the suit doesn’t have is any kind of ventilation, but I have to say, I do love it. Who wouldn’t love to own a gorilla suit? I’ll never have an excuse not to go to a fancy dress party!

So once I had the suit, my attention turned to training. I’m lucky that I’m already training to run a marathon next month, so my fitness is OK. But running a marathon and running a four-mile race dressed as a gorilla are completely different things.

Michael Phelps has won countless medals in the swimming pool, but I would like to see him do it dressed as a shark…

I tried running up and down the stairs wearing every jumper and rugby top I own; I turned the heating up and ate a vindaloo with a scarf wrapped around my head; nothing quite recreates the feeling of unstoppable sweating.

So in the end there was only one thing I could do – yesterday afternoon I donned the suit and went for a run around work. Apart from getting my photo taken by tourists, scaring children and having every CCTV camera in the area watching me, it went very well and I think I’m ready for Saturday.

If you want to come along to one of the most fun events London has to offer, bring your bananas and cameras, and your best supporting voices and position yourself along the route to enjoy what will be a great London day out.

Oh, and look out for Chris the Gorilla who will be wearing a Visit London T-shirt too.

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