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Move Your Frame with a London Dance Class!

Since last Sunday, I’ve found myself in front of the mirror trying to move my upper body from the right to the left without using my shoulders and with my lower body and hips staying exactly where they are. This weird habit has to do with a fabulous dance class I tried last Sunday: Diva at the Frame Dance Studio in Shoreditch.

The class is described as “suitable for everybody who wants to dance like the Pussycat Dolls.” Well, who doesn’t? Although I imaged myself losing the beat among a group of perfectly-toned music school students.

I tried to hide in the last row with my obligatory gym outfit: leggings, shirt and trainers, and was surprised when everybody else turned up in similar clothes. No little jazz cardigans, no expensive ballet slippers – apparently everybody was just there to have fun too.

That’s Frame’s concept as well. It’s one of the few dance and fitness studios in London where there are no commitments and people are encouraged to get fit in a fun way.

If you don’t want to sign up as a member, you can just drop in to a class (these start from £6). You can also become a friend and get a Frame top-up card that works like an Oyster card and gives you good discounts on classes.

The classes are what make this studio so special.  Aerobicoholics and dance aficionados will be in heaven with the range: from ballet workouts to Jane Fonda tributes and pilates.

The studios are in the Shoreditch Arches, near Great Eastern Street, in recently renovated rooms with huge mirrors and wooden floors.

Bonnie, our enthusiastic teacher, who also dances on the X Factor, chose the new Alicia Keys and Beyoncé track, Put It In A Love Song, for the class . The choreography was based on street and hip-hop moves but she mixed in some belly-dance and latin routines as well.

It was so much fun that I was still dancing when I got home and will certainly go again. Are you ready to move your frame too?

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