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They Might Be Giants At Royal Festival Hall

Our children are huge fans of the band They Might Be Giants. Yes, they’ve had it inflicted on them since before they were born, in any case, now that TMBG have several kids’ albums, including the Grammy award winning Here Come The 123s, TMBG are firmly their #1 artists. It’s so nice to have car music we can all agree on.

We travelled from Glasgow to London just to catch the They Might Be Giants show as part of Southbank’s See Further Science Festival. It was definitely worth the hours on trains!

The band’s set was preceded by an appearance of Festo, the AirPenguin which had kids and grown ups alike gawping at the ceiling in amazement! I was worried that the rock concert would be overwhelmed by the penguins’ presence, but once the New Yorkers took the stage, nothing could stop the infectious rhythms and catchy tunes.

This was my third TMBG concert, and I was especially impressed that they put the same effort and energy into this family show as they do at any other. Our kids sang and danced their way through songs more familiar to their folks such as Istanbul, and clapped along to their favourite new gems including Electric Car and Seven. My two-year-old spent most of the show in the aisle, twirling and clapping slowly, mesmerised by the new experience of real live music.

The addition of confetti canons was a stroke of genius and had all the children dashing down the aisles, returning gleefully with arms laden, only to throw it repeatedly over their heads, giddy with joy. They made it clear that “we believe in science” – a truly fitting message given the concert’s place in the science fest.

Southbank Centre and the Royal Society’s See Further: Festival of Science + Arts is on until this Sunday 4 July.