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1 Million Michael Jackson Alternatives

Michael JacksonThe capacity of  The O2 arena is said to be around 20,000. Michael Jackson had sold out 50 concerts. By my calculations that leaves well over 1 million people looking for an alternative night out.

I was originally booked for the opening night of July 8th, which was rescheduled to last night – July 13th

I was saddened by Jackson’s death but was not moved to pay homage at The O2 or indeed to book for Thriller Live at The Lyric Theatre. I wont be paying for the souvenir ticket or any of the merchandise now on sale for the biggest non-gig of the century.

Instead I took the rare opportunity to have a night at home with my family. When my sons went to bed I treated myself to an evening of listening to some of my favourite music. The song that touched me most was “Dive” by Show of Hands. It made me feel so sad that I went and gave my sons an extra kiss goodnight.

Perhaps I owe Michael Jackson a vote of thanks for allowing me the time to reflect on what really matters in life.  I wonder how other fans will spend their free night?