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2010: A Space Oddity at the Met Bar

We’ve been facebooking, twittering and generally fussing and flapping about it for months now… and last night, our annual members’ party finally came to fruition. In true Met Bar style, it was an explosion of glam rock glitterballs and futuristic fantasy!

More than 200 Met Bar members descended on the bar and hotel lobby, which had been transformed to reflect our David Bowie-meets-Lady Gaga theme. Lightning bolts were the recurring motif, with a giant astronaut suspended above the dancefloor, surrounded by hordes of disco balls.

Guests ate cosmic canapés and consumed (many, many!) out-of-this-world Barbarella and Major Tom cocktails, while glam rock and electro pop hits blasted out across the lobby.

Our friends from Lost In Beauty were also on hand to adorn everyone with glittered lightning bolts, and soon the whole room was sporting the look of the night!

At 9pm, a wave of champagne was sent around as everyone moved through to the Met Bar to watch celebrity stylist and performance artist Johnny Blue Eyes perform to David Bowie’s Starman. Dressed in a silver catsuit and feathered cape, Johnny’s provocative performance (we can’t detail here how he interacted with our astronaut!) had the room buzzing. When the music kicked in after he left, the stage everyone truly let loose!

London faces such as PVC beauty Miss Pandemonia, Phillip Salon, Boy George and Lady Lloyd mingled with fashion and music PRs and Met Bar regulars, creating our much imitated but never bettered electric atmosphere!

We are still trying to wipe the glitter off our faces this afternoon, and while we don’t like to pick favourites among our events, last night’s has to be one that people will be twittering about for days to come!