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America in London: Southern Barbecue at Bodean’s

Second up in our World in London project, after France, is America. We’ve asked Julie, writer of  London travel blog A Lady in London, to tell us where she heads when she gets homesick for the US while in London… 

Every US expat in London gets homesick for American cuisine from time to time. Whether it’s Tex Mex, pepperoni pizza, or a glass of California Cabernet, we’ve all experienced a longing for our regional specialties.

A common American expat craving is for good southern barbecue. There are a few restaurants in London that serve American barbecue, but one stands out above the rest. It is called Bodean’s, and while it has locations in several London neighborhoods, its Soho restaurant is the best.

Bodean’s offer some of the tastiest southern BBQ outside of the United States. It specializes in Kansas City Barbecue, a style that is characterized by sweet, tangy sauce and a variety of meat from pulled pork to burnt ends.

The best barbecue dish at Bodean’s is the Pulled Pork Meal, which in addition to pork includes traditional sides of coleslaw and creamed corn. Other favorites include the ribs, burnt ends, and macaroni and cheese.

But Bodean’s isn’t just about the food. Americans love Bodean’s for its events as well. Known for being one of the best places to watch American sports, the televisions at the upstairs bar and downstairs dining room are always showing baseball, basketball, American football, and other important sporting events. There is even a private cave-like room downstairs with a TV for watching the games.

Aside from sports, Bodean’s gets back to its American roots with special events like American Thanksgiving. Homesick expats from all over London flock to Bodean’s on Thanksgiving day for a big traditional feast and the company of fellow Americans.

But it doesn’t take a 49ers game or Thanksgiving meal to get Americans to Bodean’s. From birthday dinners to casual meetings, Bodean’s is the perfect place to spend hours catching up with friends or introducing non-Americans to our country’s best southern cuisine. If that’s not enough, it’s one of the few places in London where Americans can enjoy a bottle of Coors Light without being made fun of.

That alone is reason enough to stop by.

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