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London’s Best Street Art

Guest post by Alternative London Tours

London is home to some of the best street art on the planet! Something new pops up on an almost daily basis as artists from across the globe constantly add to the capital’s incredible outdoor gallery.

If you stop a hundred people on the street and ask them to name a street artist, most would say Banksy. That’s understandable as he has without a doubt changed the perception of street art and graffiti more than any other individual. But how many people could name a second, or even a third? Probably not many.

As great as Banksy is, there aren’t many of his works left in London and those that are can easily be found on a map. We want to show you what’s happened since Banksy and what’s happening right now in London. You can see a few of our favourite street artists above.

Don’t assume however, that these incredible works are always easy to find. Pieces are regularly painted over by other artists or cleaned off by the council (although almost all pieces are painted with the consent of building owners these days). Part of the beauty of this art form is that for the most part, the best bits are tucked away, hidden on back streets and created for the benefit of those who are dedicated to seeking them out during their short lifespan.

Alternative London is London’s original street art tour provider. Our walking tours and bike tours are led by local people closely connected with the scene – including some of the artists themselves. The tours go much deeper than the art on the walls by giving a historical and cultural context to the art and the areas in which it is created. We also offer street art workshops so you can learn to create your very own spray paint masterpiece!

(Images courtesy of London’s longest running street art blog – documenting this ephemeral art form every day).