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London Video of the Week: Hilton’s Snowy London Beach

We’ve seen all kinds of things in the park near our offices (sheep, cricketers, blow-up tents, a cycling mayor), but this particular Potter’s Field stunt on Monday had us intrigued.

Hilton built a beach, in the snow, to draw attention to an illness they call Vacationitis – sufferers struggle to switch off from work even when they’re on holiday (is that you?!). Hilton’s study of 2,000 workers in the UK found more than half of those surveyed continue to take work calls while they were on holiday; and one in five people in the UK haven’t taken a holiday in more than two years.

With all the amazing things to do in London, I think it’s time you took a day off work to enjoy this brilliant city very soon. Perhaps not in your swimsuit in the snow, though.