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Peppa Pig’s Party Live On Stage in London

The look on my two-year-old’s face was priceless. An enormous smile stretched from ear to ear as he came face to face with her, the object of his unrequited love and devotion. He was awestruck.

She gave one loud snort, the spell was broken and he burst into laughter.

She’s pink, she’s perky and she loves jumping in muddy puddles: she’s Peppa Pig.

Pre-schoolers and their parents will be delighted to discover that the popular TV programme is now a live show,  touring the country. Having enjoyed a successful run in the West End, the production will soon be reopening at the Beck Theatre in Hayes, Middlesex.

As a mother of three, I’ve seen a few children’s plays in my time and I’m happy to report that Peppa Pig’s Party is a cut above the rest. The plot is simple. It’s Peppa’s birthday and she’s having a party with her friends and family. The songs are catchy, the set is brightly coloured and there is enough audience participation to keep the young’uns captivated.

The show was an absolute hit with my son – he loved every second . He loudly shouted out the name of each character as they appeared on stage and relished every opportunity to sing and dance along with the cast.

Peppa and pals have been brought to life by puppetry consultant, Nigel Plaskitt, who has 35 years’ experience in children’s television and has also worked on the hit show Avenue Q. The puppets are operated in the same way that they are in Avenue Q – a Sesame Street spoof – with puppeteers dressed in black manning the dolls.

Nigel said: “Children don’t really notice the puppeteer. Adults, on the other hand, do. When they first begin watching Peppa Pig’s Party, they’ll find it takes them a minute or two to adjust.

“But children have this ability to instantly suspend disbelief, so that whether the character is real or not becomes irrelevant towards their enjoyment of what they are watching.”

Don’t miss Peppa Pig in London on the following dates:

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