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Autumn Bellinis at Vertigo 42

Champagne with a view is what Vertigo 42 offers customers who shoot up the ear-popping lift to the top of Tower 42.

But for those who are bored of plain old bubbly, the bar has introduced an autumn bellini menu, created by Vertigo 42’s mixologist.

The five new cocktails, priced at £14 each, offer a new take on the classic bellini with the following fruity flavours:

  • Yuzu and cranberry
  • Lychee and hazelnut
  • Raspberry, passion fruit and cacao
  • Orange and raspberry
  • Rose and plum

So that’s five good reasons to visit, but what about the view? Even on a misty winter evening, the view over London was spectacular and I could make out St Paul’s Cathedral, the OXO Tower and City Hall. On a clear day, you can apparently see as far as the Olympic Park.

Jenny was a guest of Vertigo 42.

What’s your favourite view over London?