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Bermuda in London: Pink Taxi Cabs

London’s cabbies are famous for their black cabs and “the Knowledge” – an incredible memory of thousands of streets and routes that takes several years to acquire.

But you might have spotted a few pink cabs among their ranks in the capital during the last few months.

The pink taxis are sponsored by the Bermuda Department of Tourism and feature an image of Bermuda shorts and the catchphrase “Feel the Love”.

Bermuda Department of Tourism sent seven lucky cab drivers to Bermuda this October to visit the country’s beaches, play golf and learn more about the island. They got to enjoy all this from the back seat for a change, as Bermudian taxi drivers drove them around the island.

Now the cabbies are back in London, driving the pink cabs and eager to share their newfound knowledge of Bermuda.

Cabbie Mark Williams said:

Bermuda was an absolutely beautiful country. Driving a bright pink cab always causes a stir and customers are always asking questions about it so now I’ll be able to tell them all about the island. I’ve already told people all about the cocktails, beaches and golf out there.

Have you been in one of the pink cabs? Do you know anywhere else you can have a Bermudian experience in London? Tell us in the comments below.