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Visiting the Past: London Cycles

Three years ago this month London launched its cycle hire scheme. The blue bikes are now a feature of the city, but people have been cycling in London since early ‘boneshaker’ bikes were made here 150 years ago. Now more than half a million journeys are made by bike in London each day, and on some roads in London there are more bikes than any other kind of vehicle.

At the Museum of London we’ve been thinking about how we can collect the experience of cycling. We’ve been collecting bikes themselves for a while, and in January this year the museum collected one of the cycle hire scheme bikes. We can now also collect digital objects about cycling, like film and location data.

This map, made by Professor Jo Wood of City University, shows where the Museum of London’s cycle hire scheme bike was docked last July. It was a busy month for the bike!

See the bikes, the data and the illustrations at the Museum of London’s exhibition, London Cycles until 22September 2013.

A guest blog by the Museum of London as part of the Visiting the Past series. More London history next week