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Bon Jovi Take a London RIB Voyage Tour

Bon Jovi took a break from their latest tour with a London RIB Voyage on the Thames last week.

We wonder if they found it Slippery When Wet…

Charlie Matheson, owner of London RIB said, “They all enjoyed themselves. It really is the best way to see London in 50 minutes!

“We have to pick up some serious speed to get out past Canary Wharf and back in such a short amount of time; powering through London as you “pull G” past Tower Bridge is exciting by anybody’s standards.

“Jon Bon Jovi said it was a seriously James Bond-like experience.”

Charlie also revealed they’ve got Rod Stewart booked for later this month, and have recently taken out Sharon Osborne, Kings of Leon, Boris Johnson and Joanna Lumley!  

If you want to join the speedboat-crazy celebs, book a London RIB Voyage today. Tours start on the hour from the London Eye

Bon Jovi at The O2

Bon Jovi’s sell-out London gig at The O2 last Thursday was a real treat for their many fans and with a 27-year history they gave an unforgettable show! The band have sold more than 120 million albums to date and performed for more …