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Peter Pan Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan Kensington Gardens: Captain Hook

Sophie May (12) reports.

As we approached the huge, white tent in Kensington Gardens, little children excitedly fluttered about in fairy costumes. In fact, everyone seemed very excited about seeing Peter Pan.

The atmosphere inside the tent was magical. The actors were wonderful (especially Captain Hook) and the set design was brilliant. The beautiful, animated 360 degree projections on the inside of the tent made us feel as though we were right in the story – and the images changed every time the setting changed. It was truly awe-inspiring when Peter and his friends flew over London because it felt as though we were flying as well. There were delightful moments when the audience got involved and children tinkled their fairy bells, which was so lovely.

Everything about the play was enjoyable. I had a really great time and I think anyone of any age would love the show.