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Change: Magical Theatre From Arturo Brachetti

Change starring Arturo BrachettiGasps of wonder and spontaneous applause filled the Garrick Theatre last night as a Beefeater momentarily obscured himself with a sheet and dropped it to reveal a punk rocker. It was just one of many spectacular transformations made by magician and actor Arturo Brachetti during his new production, Change.

Change tells the story of a performer’s life as the artist spins his way in and out of spectacular costumes.

The art of quick change is centuries old and involves the use of props such as sheets, umbrellas and boxes to cover the performer for a split second as they change from one costume to the next.   

Part magician, part comedian, and a consumate showman, Brachetti’s signature show A Man of a Thousand Faces has been seen by more than one million people worldwide. 

Even a period of simple shadow play (probably so he can catch his breath) is charming.  Brachetti’s masterful performance really does need to be seen to be believed.

This delightful act, London-themed to further engage the audience, is one for the whole family – the children in front of me loved it. 

Change is at the Garrick Theatre until 3 January.