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A Guide To Blue Plaques in London

Jimi Hendrix blue plaque. Photo: Simon Harriyott/wikicommons

London’s blue plaque scheme has been in operation for about 150 years and there are nearly 900 plaques on buildings and houses across London. The blue plaques show where famous people lived and worked as well as commemorating historical events (eg: the founding of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood) and sites. The scheme has been run by English Heritage since 1986.

You’ll find most of the plaques in and around Central London because the scheme was not extended to the outer boroughs until 1965. You’ll also find similar English Heritage plaques in some other UK cities, but the majority are in London.

The first-ever blue plaque commemorated the birthplace of Lord Byron in Holles Street near Cavendish Square and was erected in 1867, however the building (and its plaque) were demolished in 1989. Today’s oldest surviving blue plaque is also from 1867 and shows where Napoleon III lived in King Street, St James’s.

Some of London’s other notable blue plaques include:

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