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Space and Extra Terrestrial Festival Coming To The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is opening its doors for a week-long festival themed around space and extra terrestrials this October.

The Close Encounters Festival will see huge planetariums erected in the main hall, each able to hold 30 people.

The Royal Albert Hall will also host exciting events from “make a crater” workshops for kids, to screenings of classic alien movies including ET, Barbarella and Alien.

There’ll also be a free photographic exhibition, featuring stunning images of the solar system and planets.

And look out for a crashed space ship installation on the South Steps, designed by students from the Royal College of Art.

Lucy Noble, Head of Programming at the Royal Albert Hall ssays:

“We are looking to broaden people’s perceptions of the Royal Albert Hall, engage with new and young audiences and work with new and innovative partners and I believe that this will be a unique event for Londoners of all ages to be involved in.” 

Close Encounters is at the Royal Albert Hall from 25 to 31 Oct 2010. Buy tickets here