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Libya in London: Fatimid Dinar Coins in the British Museum

We’ve highlighted the “riches” on display in the British Museum’s Money Room before in our World in London challenge, when searching for a trace of Liberia in London.

Now, we return to the British Museum’s incredible hoard, to look at a slice of Libyan life on display in the capital.

In Room 68, you can see the Fatimid dinar, which were minted in Tarablus in Tripoli, Libya in AH 465 / AD 1072-73.

The British Museum’s website explains the importance of these coins:

When the Muslim Fatimid dynasty (909-1171) came to power, they brought with them direct access to the gold sources of West Africa. On his arrival in Cairo, the caliph al-Mu’izz (953-75) is said to have come with 500 camels bearing gold and other riches. Islamic medieval gold coins were made of very pure gold, and so were highly valued in trade. They also had an impact on the coinage of their neighbours. Imitations of Islamic dinars are found in Sicily, Spain and in the Crusader kingdoms.

Do you know of any other examples of Libyan objects on display in London?