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London Video of the Week: Dinosaurs of the Crystal Palace by Lost Valley of London

In this funny video, Lost Valley of London visits the Victorian dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park. The film is the work of Anthony Lewis, a voiceover artist, actor and tour guide, who says:

“London being so massive, so tangled and so filled with amazing remnants of 2,000 plus years of history seems to me like a mysterious jungle from a 1940s pulp-adventure serial, complete with mysterious ruins, weird creatures, mad characters and eccentric contraptions. It seemed only natural to grab a video camera and go on safari!”

You can read more about the dinosaurs in this PDF leaflet about Crystal Palace Park’s Prehistoric Monstor Trail.

Dinosaurs in London

Dinosaurs are taking over London! We’ve met dinosaurs at The Proms and Walking with Dinosaurs arrives at The O2 tonight. Are you planning to see Walking with Dinosaurs at The O2 or Wembley Arena? You’ll see full size dinos roaring …